What makes us special?

Our story could begin as follows: ‘We are the leading online travel agency in Europe and we offer flights with hundreds of airlines at the best prices on the market, hotels all over the world...’ blah blah blah...no, no, no!

We wanted to write our own story - we like being different!

Transparent fares!

Unlike several online travel agencies, we sell our flights with no hidden fees, additional charges or artificial discounts. You may be thinking of issuing fees, booking fees, credit card fees, etc. And why not fees for buying on the website? There’s none of that with us!

We think it makes sense to give the correct price from the start (especially when we know it), but not everyone seems to agree with that. That’s also why you’ll rarely find us on price comparison websites, because the prices they show are hardly ever the prices you end up paying. So you might get the impression that MisterFly was more expensive than all the others, but the opposite is the case! We prefer spending time and energy developing new services and convincing you to choose MisterFly. It’s an ethical choice that's hard to stick to (to be honest), but we do!

The best prices on the market!

EVERYONE says the same! That’s true! But where others only talk the talk, we also walk the walk. How? Let us explain to you how it works:

●      Because we have trusting relationships with our main partners, we’re able to negotiate preferential fares that you won’t see elsewhere. We love our partners and they love us back.

●      By developing APIs, connectors, apps, XML feeds, SSOs, etc. What a load of gobbledygook! It's not something you dream about, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes. Our USP really depends on our technical expertise in signing up different suppliers to improve proposals from the same airlines. Our ‘homemade’ R2D2 displays new airlines and hotel chains.

The best possible customer service!

Our super travel agents are committed to providing you with the best possible customer service. We are reactive, involved and listen to our customers. Really...we’ve got swag!

We truly believe (like artists at the end of a show) that if you get better service, you’ll come back...and maybe even bring your friends!


Simplicity, humility, pleasure and respect are part of our DNA and demonstrate our responsibility. But we also love to get involved! We strive for a world in which children don’t get cancer, by supporting the charity Imagine for Margo, and for a more beautiful planet with Miss Terre Fly, our group of green volunteers.

So now you understand: we can’t do everything, but we do everything we can to offer you the best...and that’s hard work! :)