MisterFly and Imagine for Margo

Our commitment to the charity Imagine for Margo

Margo died of a brain tumour in 2010. She was 14 years old. She fought her cancer with remarkable courage during 16 months. She was still more concerned about others than herself. ‘Go on, fight back, win’ is the message left by Margo to her parents, who wanted to pass it on through the charity founded in 2011.

Ever since he started endurance running, Nicolas Brumelot, co-founder and president of MisterFly, has been active for Imagine for Margo, supporting the awareness and fundraising activities carried out by the charity to help research benefiting the treatment of paediatric cancer. As well as his personal commitment, Nicolas is convinced of the importance of the social role of the company that helps give it meaning. So he decided to get involved personally and sign MisterFly up to run 12 marathons in 2016 to raise awareness and funds. Challenge accepted and he finished the last marathon on 18 December in Pisa. 

Awareness and fundraising activities will be reported every month to the tourism industry thanks to a partnership with Echo Touristique.

Patricia Blanc, president of Imagine for Margo, and Nicolas Brumelot, co-founder and president of MisterFly.

MisterFly collects plane tickets to promote the charity's fundraising activities. 8 partner airlines support MisterFly and Imagine for Margo:

Every year, MisterFly organises a big party bringing together the main players in the tourism industry. MisterFly donates part of the profits from this evening to Imagine for Margo. It also asks its customers who receive compensation for delayed flights (European regulation on the rights of passengers setting compensation of €250-€600 for cancellation, delays or overbooking) to pay some or all of the amount received to Imagine for Margo. MisterFly also publishes information on the awareness activities of Imagine for Margo on the homepage of its website. 

Help the charity to beat paediatric cancer, so we can one day imagine a world where children don't get cancer. You can make a (tax-deductible) donation on the charity's website http://imagineformargo.org