Who is MisterFly?

In a few words:

‘I’m an online travel booking specialist offering a HUUUUUUGE range of flights on regular and low-cost airlines. My secret? Creating thousands of combinations of flights, which you won't find anywhere else! Why? Because we have out-of-this-world negotiators (they make the guys on CSI: Miami look like rookies) who can offer you the best prices. As well as my range of flights, I also offer nearly 400,000 hotels and other accommodation all over the world. 

That’s why I’m the exclusive airline partner of the world-famous website vente-privée for its ‘Travel’ section. Launched in September 2015, I've already transported 200,000 customers to 1001 destinations in 168 countries. I already won 4 trophies in my short life and hopefully there’s much more to come. MisterFly: low prices, big prizes.’

For those who are curious: 

The founders Nicolas Brumelot and Carlos da Silva are well known in the field for being the driving force behind 2 success stories: Look Voyages from 1989 to 1997 and Go Voyages, which they took over and co-led together for 15 years. The famous duo are back with a vengeance with an ultra-simple, innovative and reliable booking engine, assisted by nearly 70 experts in the air travel market.

And why does MisterFly think you’ll never book anywhere else again?  .... Because our commitments make us different!   OK, we’ll see....

1.    - Unbeatable prices, negotiated with hundreds of airlines, covering the whole world. Yeah, OK

2.    - Full price transparency from the first page, i.e. no booking fees or bank charges that increase the final cost. Oh, that’s COOL and different from all other websites

3.    - Innovative services exclusive on the market such as: our ‘no explanation, no proof’ cancellation insurance that can be used up to the day before departure, and refunds in 72 business hours)!

For those who are more serious: (since we're taking big money and big projects on an international and galactic scale)

MisterFly has just raised 20 million euros from the company Montefiore Investment and the website vente-privee.com to support our development. Woohoo!!

The aim of this fundraising is to give MisterFly the financial means to:

●      further speed up our promising launch by strengthening our technological development

●      expand our business in Europe

●      make strategic acquisitions to enhance the services we offer

MisterFly also has strong values such as responsibility and trusting relationships with all our partners and customers. Success and sustainability can only be achieved if everyone is satisfied. It’s the DNA of this new start-up. Our goal is to provide a new quality of service through a multilingual customer service department based, available and motivated to meet all our customers’ needs.