What does price transparency at MisterFly mean exactly?

At MisterFly, price transparency is an essential value! Unlike the business practices of the vast majority of online travel agencies, we sell flights with NO additional charges to burden the wallet. What you see is truly what you get!

With us, there are no extra costs or imaginary discounts! No credit card, booking, administration or issuing fees. And why not add the pilot’s expenses, while we're at it? No, no, none of that with us! The price listed on the front page is the price you’ll pay. Crazy, isn't it? Not for us, for us it’s common sense.

That's why you won't find us on comparison websites because the prices they compare aren't the final prices. So you could get the impression that MisterFly was more expensive than the others, whereas it’s almost always the opposite. It's an ethical choice and we stick to it!