What unusual objects can be taken on board?

To view the list of prohibited items such as liquids, weapons, etc., please go to What items are prohibited on planes?

Do you have an unusual object to transport on board and you’re asking yourself whether or not it will be allowed?

Here’s a short list of unusual objects we’ve researched.


Every airline has its own policy for transporting luggage and security, so there may be significant variation from one airline to another .

A birthday cake? Yes, it's possible, but only as hand luggage and it must be an acceptable size for hand luggage. The cake must be stored in the compartment above your head or under the seat in front of you. The crew are not able to store cakes.

A wedding dress? Yes, as hand luggage, provided it doesn’t exceed the standard size limits. The dress will be considered as maximum-size hand luggage.

A camping stove? Yes, in the hold, but only if the container is completely emptied of flammable content at least an hour before the flight and the fuel tank or container has been left open for at least six hours to allow evaporation of the residual fuel. The fuel tank or container must be hermetically sealed, packed in absorbent material such as paper towels and then placed in a polyethylene bag. The top of the bag must then be closed with elastic or string.

Ashes? Yes, in hand luggage, if you present a copy of the death and cremation certificates and the ashes are placed in an appropriate container and perfectly sealed. You’ll have to inform the ground crew of the nature of the item you’re transporting when you check in.

Dry ice? Yes, in hand luggage up to a maximum weight (2 or 3 kilos), provided it’s only used to preserve perishable goods that are not considered dangerous.

Pepito sandwiches? Yes, in the hold or in the cabin, but we advise you to keep them in their original sealed packaging.

A rubber duck? Yes, provided it doesn't exceed the standard weight permitted for hand luggage. If it contains batteries, it's best to take them out to avoid any vibrations that may interfere with the plane’s navigation system.

For all requests to transport medicines, please see the form below:   I want to transport medicines/oxygen