My flight was delayed and I want to make a claim

If you’ve taken out our ‘no explanation, no proof cancellation’ insurance policy or ‘no explanation, no proof cancellation’ + ‘repatriation assistance’ insurance package:

Please go to the website of our insurance company Gestion Présence Assistance to find out what steps to take. For your information, you can only claim compensation for delays of at least 4 hours, up to €100 per person (maximum €200 per person for more than 4 hours). You need to send the insurance company proof of the delay from the airline.

If you haven’t taken out insurance, please refer to this link to check whether the delay meets the required conditions. 

If it does, please send us your request via our contact form, which must be accompanied by proof supplied by the airline.

Our customer service department will send a claim directly to the airline. You’ll be informed of the results by e-mail within around 3 months (average response time for airlines).