Mandatory exit from territory for minors

For Belgian nationals:

There are no Belgian or international forms or procedures that set the rules on parental consent for the travel of minors.

However, we recommend that you provide written authorization if your child is traveling alone or with other people than you, his or her parents.

If your child only travels with one of his parents, you have the freedom to have the agreement of the other parent in writing, to have your municipality legalize the signature and to take this written agreement on a trip. . If the child and the parent do not have the same last name, a copy of the birth certificate can prove the parentage.

 To avoid any unpleasant surprises, ask about the additional documents required for children traveling alone or with one of their parents, to the embassy or consulate of your country of destination and to your airline.

For further information on traveling with minor children, we recommend you visit the following website :