I am travelling to the USA and I need an electronic visa

Formalities if you're travelling via or to the USA:

All European passengers must apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). This is an electronic travel authorization system that applies to all travellers wishing to travel to or transit through the USA, and who benefit from the Visa Waiver Program.From April 2016, you must have an electronic (with a picture of a chip on the cover, issued since 2006) or biometric passport to apply for an ESTA. Without this form, you’ll certainly be refused entry at customs.

If you have another type of passport, you must apply for a traditional visa. This also applies to people who have visited Iran, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia or Libya since 1st March 2011 and dual nationals of the first 4 countries mentioned.  

You can go directly to the official website   ESTA USA or apply online on the website of our exclusive partner CIBT who, for a small fee, will help you with your application. This electronic visa is available for a lower price on the United States government website, but there’s no online help and you won't be informed when your visa is approved.

Passengers who don’t meet this criteria must obtain a US visa to travel to the USA (for tourism or business - period of less than 90 days). In this case,  click here.

Please note:

Individual passports are required for adults, children and infants.