I want to find out about entry and travel requirements

The formalities indicated at the time of booking and in the travel documents are addressed only to Belgian nationals.

When crossing borders by air, train or car, Belgian nationals (adults, children and babies) must be in possession of individual identity documents in good condition (identity card and passport valid at least 6 months before the date of return) that are up to date with border crossing formalities and required vaccinations.

To prepare your trip properly, to know all the police, customs and health formalities imposed by the local authorities of the country you are travelling to, MisterFly advises you to consult, until the day of departure, the websites below as well as MisterFly's Conditions of Sale:

> Information on health formalities: 

. Health and Hygiene Info (Diplomatie Belgium), click here.

. Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine, click here.

> Information on police and customs formalities: click here

> Visa information: click here

For all nationals, check if you need a visa for the country of destination and, if applicable, stopover and/or transit.

To find out about visa formalities by country and nationality, we invite you to visit Diplomatie Belgium.be(for Belgian nationals) and Cibt Visas.com and Cibt Visas.be for all nationals. It is specified that the time limit for issuing a visa and the decision on whether or not to issue a visa are the sole responsibility of the consular authorities of the countries of destination.

Minors must be in possession of identity papers in their name. Minors must hold an individual passport.

You will find useful information on diplomatie.belgium.be

The law does not require the client to have a copy of the family record book. Nevertheless, MisterFly strongly encourages the client to have this document when staying abroad.

> Transport information:

In the aircraft: Consult the FPS Mobility and Transport website for security measures concerning the content of passengers' hand luggage.

In the train: Consult the FPS Mobility and Transport website for information on train security measures.

> Information and calculator of CO² emissions: To consult here

> Advice to the traveller:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a portal that allows Belgian travellers who wish to communicate data relating to their travels abroad to be used, in the event of a crisis only, by the Belgian authorities to organise possible rescue operations. It is recommended that the Client register on the portal: https://travellersonline.diplomatie.be/

Before leaving, we advise you to contact the necessary institutions on the spot(Belgian diplomatic authorities in the country of destination (for Belgian nationals) or diplomatic representations of your country of origin in the country of destination (for nationals of other countries).

We cannot know the health status of all travellers. We strongly advise you to inquire about the health formalities to be completed for the chosen destination. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before your departure, he will be the most suitable person to compose a kit adapted to your destination and the duration of your stay.