What's 3D Secure payment?

As part of the fight against fraud, MisterFly has put in place 3D Secure Payment, an authenticated payment system to improve online transaction security. At the time of payment, your bank will verify the card holder’s identity before confirming the transaction.

The authentication process works as follows:

1 - After entering your bank details at the payment stage, you’ll be transferred to your bank’s website. The authentication process to be followed in the 3D Secure window that appears is different for each bank. You may be asked:

●      to enter your date of birth

●      to enter a code received by text message

●      to answer a personal question, etc.

=> At the time of booking, check that you can receive the 3DS authentication message (operator restrictions, bookings from abroad, network coverage, etc.).

2 - Enter the information supplied by your bank in the buying process, then confirm your booking. Your payment will be validated and your transaction completed. You’ll receive your booking confirmation by email.