I want to travel with my pet

As long as it’s not too ugly and it smells good! Oooooooh, only joking!

Contact our customer service department on the number listed on your travel documents (local call rate). We’ll inform you of the fees charged by the airline, plus our administration fee of €16 per passenger.

Pets are, as a general rule, accepted on board planes either in the cabin (if they weigh less than 5 kg) or in the hold, unless there’s a valid reason for refusing, e.g. they're whales or turkeys, quotas have already been met on the plane, legislation on dangerous animals, regulations in the destination country, etc., etc.).

So please specify in your request: 

- The breed of your pet

- The weight (total weight of the pet + the cage)

- The dimensions of the bag or cage (length, width, height)

Please note: this service is subject to approval from the airline.